Do you like to Read...

I am a cross-genre author, and

have written:

  • Westerns

  • A war novel (more to come) 

  • Retellings of Greek myths

  • Short stories

  • Flash fiction

I have also delved into, but not yet published:

  • Steampunk

  • Zombie novels

I write stories of all lengths, including:

  • short stories,

  • novellas (my westerns)

  • full length novels.


So if you want a quick read on the train or bus, a short holiday read or something to really get to grips with I have a book for you. My stories are full of grit, but also include wit and a bit of romance; when you put men and women together in gritty situations sparks are bound to fly!

I am delighted to say that my stories have been very well received. They have all, so far, attracted 4 and 5 star reviews on Amazon. for example:

* * * * * 

"If you are a western fan . . .,

this is what you have been looking for."

* * * * * 

"Comical and exciting at the same time."

* * * * * 

"buy this, you won't be disappointed"

* * * * * 

"... a must read book."

* * * * * 

"a fabulous story that had me hooked from the beginning."

Very, very short stories, commonly known as flash fiction or micro-stories, have word limits of between 250 and 1,000 words. 


My micro-stories are all less than 500 words in length and cover a wide range of genres, including answers (maybe not the answers) to some of the big questions in life!

If you would like to buy my books

they are available from

amazon and

As well as writing, I also read a lot of books and listen to as many audio books. I have started a blog reviewing what I read and what I listen to. I post my reviews every Friday. They can be found following this LINK.

I read many books before I started my book review blog.  Many of them I shall not get round to reviewing. So I have created a page to show those that I would recommend. They can be found HERE

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