Die Trying by Lee Child

August 11, 2017

Title: Die Trying
Author: Lee Child

Publisher: Transworld Digital
Author’s web site: Lee Child
Genre: Thiller
Print Length: 433 Pages

Plot synopsis: Jack Reacher is, as usual, alone and minding his own business, this time in Chicago. It is a beautiful sunny day. He offers to help a young woman struggling on crutches. He turns to see a handgun aimed at his stomach. They are chained in a dark van racing across America. Reacher wanders why. The woman claims to be FBI and she certainly looks tough enough. But at their remote destination, will their courage and toughness be enough to overcome the odds?


Jack Reacher walks straight into another dramatic adventure that starts out as none of his business and ends being all his business. This, the second novel by Lee Child, is another gritty thriller that keeps you turning the pages. The dialogue is wonderfully tight and the characters well developed. The minimalist descriptions of location are done in such a manner that they can be visualised in your mind’s eye. This is yet another cracking novel by Lee Child.


What others thought

At the time of writing there were 2,784 reviews on Amazon.co.uk, of which 2,663 (95%) were 3* or above, giving an average rating of 4.5*. On Amazon.com, there were 3,200 reviews, of which 93% were 3* or above, giving an average rating of 4.3*. On Goodreads.com there were 73,118 ratings (including 3,344 reviews), of which 97% all were 3* or above, giving an average rating of 4*.


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