Mission America: New World. New power. by Michaela Burco

September 2, 2017

Title: Mission America: New World. New power.

Author: Michaela Burco 
Genre: Native American
Print Length: 157 pages


Plot synopsis: Florida. 1526. Axa, an African slave, escapes from a Spanish ship and settles among the Native American people of the Santee River. Captain Cadiz is intent on defeating the Indians who adopt her. They are on a collision course that will decide the future of their two very different worlds.


This is a brilliant debut novel and is very unusual in that it is written in the present tense. The plot is beguiling and keeps the reader intrigued all the way through to the dramatic climax. The narrative is full of symbolism, at times it is poetic and at others full of dramatic imagery. The characterisation is powerful and is supported, unusually, with a lot of internal dialogue, while the dialogue itself is beguiling and drives the plot forward. The settings are wonderfully set out in front of you; I was there I could feel the breeze and smell the wood smoke. This is a book that can be read at many different levels and is, I would imagine, idea for a book club.


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