The Escape of Charles II by Mr Richard Ollard

March 23, 2018

Title: The Escape of Charles II 

Author: Richard Ollard
Publisher: Robinson
Wikipedia Page: Richard Ollard
ISBN-10: 1841195170
ISBN-13: 978-1841195179
Genre: Historical non-fiction
Print Length:  160 pages


Synopsis: Charles II's escape from England after the Battle of Worcester in 1651 is an extraordinary tale of adventure and suspense. Ollard's classic book reconstructs the six weeks during which the King was on the run. Charles’ determination and good humour during his journey won the admiration of many who risked their lives to aid him.


This is an easy to read introduction to the adventures that Charles II and his loyal subjects had during the six weeks that the king traveled secretly from Worcester to Brighton. It has certainly given me a taste for reading more about this interesting part of English and Scottish history and has set me up for the start of my walk of the Monarch's Way - the longest inland footpath in England.


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