Worcester 1651 by Malcolm Atkin

April 20, 2018

Title: Worcester 1651
Author: Malcolm Atkin
Publisher: Pen and Sword Military
Website: Pen and Sword Military
Genre: Military History
Print Length: 160 pages

Synopsis: The Battle of Worcester on 3 September 1651 was the final decisive engagement of the English Civil Wars. In this introductory guide, Malcolm Atkin sets out the movements of the opposing armies of Cromwell and Charles II as they approached Worcester and gives an account of the deadly battle that followed. He describes of the fate of 10,000 vanquished Scottish soldiers and briefly retraces the route and events of Charles’ dramatic escape.


I bought this book as I plan to walk the Monarch’s Way – a long distance walk in England that follows the route that King Charles II took to escape England after his defeat by the Parliamentarian forces at Worcester in 1651. While it provides a very useful introduction to the battle, I found the description of the battle itself a little confusing, except in the very broadest sense. The context of the battle is very well set out, but the escape only briefly described. Atkin has, however, whetted my appetite to discover more about this fascinating period of English and Scottish history (the Scots formed the main component of the king’s army). If you are looking for an introduction to the battle, this book may be the one for you, but, I feel, if you already know anything about the battle I doubt you will learn anything new from this book.


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Goodreads.com; 4 ratings (1 review), with 3 of 3* or more, giving an average of 3.25*


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