Ride Harder by Gordon L. Rottman

May 4, 2018

Title: Ride Harder

Author: Gordon L. Rottman

Narrator: James Simenc
Webpage: James Simenc
Publisher: Hartwood Publishing
Website: Hartwood Publishing
Genre: Western

Listening Length: 13h:5m


Synopsis: Ride Harder follows cowpuncher Bud Eugen and his fiancée Marta as they confront the dangers of Texas in the late 1880’s. When their money is stolen from a local bank, along with an Army arms shipment, Bud and Marta go to Mexico to secure their future and that of Texas itself, come hell, high water.


Another wonderful story by Rottman. I did however miss Matha, for although she does appear in this novel she plays only a minor roll and little of her feisty nature is seem. Again the character descriptions are wonderful, but I did not get the same sense of the settings or the conditions as I did in the previous book. The dialogue did not feel as strong and there was a lot of reflecting on what happened in the first book. As in the first book the narration by James Simenc was compelling, amusing and heartfelt.  Definitely a book for those of the Western genre to read or listen to.


What others thought at the time of writing
Amazon.co.uk; There were no reviews.
Amazon.com; 55 reviews, of which 98% were 3* or more, giving an average of 4.7*
Goodreads.com; 118 ratings (11 reviews), with all of them being 3* or more, giving an average of 4.4*


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