Dead Woman Walking by Sharon Bolton

June 22, 2018

Title: Dead Woman Walking

Author: Sharon Bolton

Twitter: Sharon Bolton

Webpage:  Sharon Bolton

Publisher: Corgi

Website: Corgi

ISBN-10: 0552172634
ISBN-13: 978-0552172639

Genre: Detective Thriller

Length: 369 pages

Synopsis: Just before dawn in the hills near the Scottish border, thirteen passengers on a hot-air balloon flight witness a brutal murder. Within the next hour, all but one of them are dead. Alone, scared and trusting no-one, the sole survivor flees for her life, running to the one place she feels safe. But she's seen the killer's face, and he's seen hers, and he won't rest until he's eliminated the last witness to his crime.


This is a very plot driven novel and I found the characters rather flat and stereotypical, and I was not able to engage with them. The Northumbrian countryside is beautiful, but I could not get any real sense of the landscape in which the story was set, even having visited the area on a number of occasions. The plot is, however, very compelling, and it did have me hooked for a good part of the book. In the end however, I simply ran out of steam, I feel the book is overly long. Maybe all the various components of the sub-plots are critical to the final twist, but I shall never find out! 


What others thought at the time of writing; 157 reviews, of which 97% were 3* or more, giving an average of 4.4*; 91 reviews, of which 97% were 3* or more, giving an average of 4.3*; 2,994 ratings (627 reviews), with 94% of 3* or more, giving an average of 4.0*


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