Rustkiller by Dean F. Wilson

February 22, 2019

Title: Rustkiller

Author: Dean F. Wilson
Webpage: Dean F. Wilson
Publisher: Dioscuri Press
Website: Dioscuri Press
Genre: Science Fiction Western
Length: 234 pages


Synopsis: The Wild North is full of bad places, but there are some places you just don’t go. One of them is the scrapyard desert known as the Rust Valley. It’s where vehicles go to die, and get cannibalised by human-hating machines. That’s why you don’t go in after them and bounty hunter Nox made a promise to himself that he’d never be caught dead there. However when a couple of kids end up wandering inside that metal maze, he finds himself with no other choice, but to go in after them. He decks himself out in his finest armour - he’ll need it. Nox is used to being called the Coilhunter, this time he’s gearing up for a new title: the Rustkiller.


Another great story by Wilson. As before the characters are wonderfully written and the setting well described, drawing into the landscapes of the Wild North and this time we have a more intriguing plot that keeps you turning the pages even more than the first one. A sequel that’s better than the original – well I never!


What others thought at the time of writing; 7 reviews, of which 100% were 3* or more, giving an average of 4.7*; 80 reviews, of which 100% were 3* or more, giving an average of 4.5*; 232 ratings (40 reviews), with 98% of 3* or more, giving an average of 4.3*


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